Earlier and current technology

    Blackboard and the Q&A platform Piazza are two kinds of technologies: one an earlier technology and, the other, a current technology. Their approaches are similar, e.g., when it comes to give the whole classroom, the opportunity to see an activity done by a student, solving problems, writing answers.

    Among many attributes, Piazza is divergent from a blackboard mainly because of the wider interactivity students can have, even outside their schools, accessing it from anywhere at any time in an anonymously way - not mentioning all the tech resources this platform has, like those that allow students to take photos of their written work through mobile apps, supporting multimidia embedding (so students can share diagrams, images, and videos) or presenting in-class polls feature that allows for in-class quizzes and feedback.

    Piazza is undoubtedly more engaging to students from today's world - both digital natives and immigrants. The main factor, of course, is the accessibility and fast interactivity it has over blackboards.

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