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You will create a BLOG Style Tackk.com Webpage to track your progress in this course.   Each of your entry requirements are listed below.  You may add additional entries based on information or topics of your choice.  You must complete all assigned sections prior to June for credit.  This is an ongoing project and will count as a major grade for the 4th Marking Period.  If you pace yourself, and complete a little at a time, you will be fine.  View all videos, read all requirements, complete assigned activities, and post about your learning for each action.  Use the Sample Post below as a guide for what I am looking for.

Make sure that you write notes about your progress, items you thought were interesting, or other items of interest to your peers.  You must copy the link for your Tackk.com/Strikingly.com (or other blog-style site) website and post it to your school's Google+ Community if available!  Good Luck!  Mr. S  


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Sample Entry (See Below)

Please Create Posts Similar To The One Below (Most Recent On Top):

28 April 2015

The Big Bang - Crash Course Lesson

What I saw was blah blah blah....

27 April 2015

Visions of The Future

What I learned or thought was interesting?

04 January 2015

What is Big History? (Lesson Comment)

I watched the first video and learned about this course and how it was developed.  I am excited to continue with the learning.  I will keep this journal about responses, quizzes and writing prompts.  I will add to this journal for each item I finish.  I will also post grades from quizzes and other links and information here.  Each post should look the same.  I realize I will be graded on the completeness of this project site.

Outline of Required Posts (So Far...)

Welcome To Big History

You Must Have A Post For Each Item Below
These are taken directly from the Big History Website.  This is your Journal while you complete each lesson activity.  Make sure to be specific and precise when you are documenting your trip through this material!

Lesson 1.0: Big History (Welcome)

Watch: "What is Big History?" (Post About Your Comments)
Activity:  Visions of the Future (What Did You Learn?)
Watch: "The Big Bang - Crash Course" (Explain In Your Own Words)
Activity: Big History Website Scavenger Hunt (Complete It)
Watch: "A Big History of Everything - H2 (Post What You Learned)
Take Lesson 1 Quiz (Post Your Results)

Lesson 1.1: Scale

Opening: Bang!  The Universe Verse Book I (Post Reflection)
Watch: "Big Questions - H2" (Explain How This Is Tied In To Lessons)
Activity: Origin Stories Introduction (Describe What You Learned About)
Activity:  Origin Stories Article Collection (Read One And Describe It)
Read: "Cosmology and Faith" (Discuss With Friends, Post Your Thoughts)
Closing: DQ Notebook (Create A Notebook on Google Doc & Post Link Here)
Quiz (Post Your Grade and Reflection on How You Did)

Lesson 1.2:  Origin Stories

Opening: Bang! The Universe Verse Book 1 (Comment About This Section)
Watch:  Big Questions - H2 (What Is Your Big Question and Why?)
Activity: Origin Stories Intro (What Did You Learn From This Activity?)
Activity:  Origin Stories Article Collection (Favorite Story and Why?)
Read: "Cosmology and Faith" (Describe Your Faith and Where It Came From)
Closing:  DQ Notebook (This Is Your Notebook-What Else Should Be In It?)
Quiz (Post How You Did And Why?)

Lesson 1.3: What Are Disciplines

Opening: Who Knows What?  (Comment On This Section)
Watch:  "Are We Alone" - H2 (Discuss This In Your Journal)
Vocab Activity:  Comprehension (Type Each Term And It's Meaning Here)
Activity:  Easter Island Mystery  (Describe Your View About This)
Watch:  "Ways Of Knowing- Introduction to Cosmology"
Watch: "Ways of Knowing - Introduction to Astrophysics"
Closing:  What Do You Know?  What Do You Ask? 
(Post A Reflection of the last three items)
Quiz (Post Your Score and What You Can Improve On)

Lesson 1.4:  My Big History

Opening:  My Timeline (Create A Timeline In Inspiration)
Watch: "A Big History of Everything -H2 (Post A Learning Reflection)
Read:  Complexity and Thresholds" (Post A Learning Reflection)
Activity:  Threshold Concentration
Activity:  History of Me
Closing:  Investigation 1
(Post About What You Have Learned during the last three items)
Quiz (Post Your Score and What You Did Right and Why?)

More To Follow...

Alternate Instruction

For Those Of You Who Need A Boost
Without Completing The Entire Course:

If you are smart enough to read all the directions first, I will allow anyone who wants to complete the Khan Academy version of this program for credit to do so!

Step 1:  Go to KhanAcademy.org
(Click Here For Link)
Step 2:  Sign Up / Sign In
Step 3:  Create a Tackk.com Website
Step 4:  Journal Your Adventure
Step 5:  Post Assignments & Journal Entries

For Credit: 
You Must Post A Link To Your
Big History Journal On
Your School's Google+ Community

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