How To Renew The Health Insurance?

Normally, the insurance company will send a notice to inform you that it is time to renew the health insurance. Sometimes, an insurance company will not send the renewal notice to the policy holders. Hence, you must remember the date of renewal for the health insurance. You can record the renewal date of the health insurance in your cell phone, or note book. You can circle the date on your calendar planner or use the online reminder tool.

If you have an insurance agent, you can tell him the renewal date. The insurance agent will remind you of renewing your health insurance policy when it is nearing the expiration date. The insurance agent will help you to buy, renew and claim the policy. In this way, you will be able to enjoy the renewal benefits.

The no claim bonus can give you discount on the premium renewal. If the no-claim bonus is not claimed within a 12 months period, you can get 5% discount. If you plan to change the broker, you have to tell the insurance company. You must tell the insurer the reason you want to renew the health insurance. The insurance broker must release a mandate letter to the company and state the same reason so that you can be qualified to get the continuation benefit.

If you want to change insurer, the continuation benefit of the existing policy will be passed on to the new health insurance policy. If you are changing from a private health insurer to a public health insurer, the continuation benefit will be cancelled.

If you plan to add or remove a member from the health insurance policy, you can do so at the policy renewal. You have to provide the insurance company with the full details of the individual which you would like to add to your health insurance policy.

If you want to increase the benefit of the health insurance, you have to increase the coverage amount. Alternatively, you can get a specialist health insurance policy.

The renewal notice will be sent about 1 month before the expiration of the policy. After you receive the renewal notice, you must review it so that you know how much you are expect to pay. The premium amount will change if there is a change to your risk. The risk of the health insurance can be affected by your medical record, age, and etc.

Many insurance companies allow their customers to renew the policy online. If the insurance company has an online reminder, you can login to an online account to renew it. Your health insurance company will give you instruction on how to renew the insurance policy online. If you don’t want to renew the insurance online, you can fill in a new quote form. If you use the new quote form to renew the policy, you will receive reminders before the expiration of the policy.