Classroom Apps for Elementary

Animation Creator HD is an iPad app that can be used to create stories. It allows users to create characters and add audio; allows for creation of animations, movies, and dialogues. This app comes in both a free ("lite") version as well as a payed version. This would allow for a teacher to try out the app, see if it will be useful, and then, if needed, purchase the advanced version. This app could be useful in both an elementary as well as a high school classroom. It would be great to use for writing stories, rather than just with pen and paper. It would motivate students and allow them to create fun, interactive picture stories. Therefore, teachers could use this app to allow students to create a picture story and would be especially motivating for artsy students.

Splash Math Kindergarten is a great, free app for students between ages 3-6. This app also comes in different grade levels, up to grade 4. This app provides students with fun math games to assist in learning. It uses cute animal characters which are definitely a fun way for young students to learn. It also adjusts level of difficulty, which individualizes the app to the student's current abilities. Once the student has finished a chapter successfully, they earn different characters, such as a crab. The app also has a "scratchpad" which allows students to write and process/show their work. This app could be used in a classroom any time throughout the year, after the teacher has taught the specific lesson. It would be wonderful for student's practice and growth with their learning, as well as motivate students with the fun characters and that the questions they would encounter would be at their level.

Fotobabble is an app that allows you to take photos and share them with others.. This app also allows you to record your voice, therefore, instead of having to write out a story/text, you could instead just speak into it if that is more beneficial.It would be beneficial for all grade levels. This app would be great in a classroom to allows students to take a photo, relevant to a book or novel you were reading in class, and then speak about it. This would personalize the task as students would not all have the same picture and therefore the assignment would fit the needs and wants of all students.

Bill Nye The Science Guy App is a wonderful app for Science. To gain access, you need to scan your finger print. You then choose an item that is on Bill's desk, such as the rocket ship, which then takes you to a page with all the different planets. This app would be great in a science class for many different things, such as, learning the different planets, watch videos (which requires you to purchase), as well as shows you different experiments to do, such as finding out the difference between salt and fresh water for floating capacities, as well as learning about atmospheric pressure. There are six different experiments that you could do with your students in the classroom to engage them with learning about science.

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Awesome Upstander! is a great, free app to discuss bullying issues with grade 3 students. This app allows students to choose their character (male or female), and students go around the school (either the cafeteria or bathroom) to grab their friends as well as extra items required by the level, such as "pickle because upstanding makes you hungry!" or "air freshener because bullying stinks". This provides a fun way for students to learn about standing up for peers and friends who may be getting bullied. This app could be used when discussing the topic of bullying and cyber-bullying. You could have a class discussion, and then use this fun app for students to reinforce the idea of becoming upstanders rather than bystanders.

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