By Veronica Roth

What would a world be like where there are five different factions and a strong central government? Divergent is a fictional book that takes place in the future. The story is told from a 16 year old's point of view. She has to go through a simulation and then choose a faction of her own. The main theme in this book is identity, because everyone is trying to figure out who they really are and not just what their faction is.  

     What did I enjoy about the book?   

I enjoyed the action and romance in this book. Because Beatrice (Tris) chose Dauntless, the training that she had to go through was intense. The training included fighting until someone could no longer fight due to injury, shooting practice, knife throwing practice in which case Tris had to stand in front of the target as Four threw knives at her head. There was also some romance, which is enjoyable as well. Tris finds herself falling for a guy that she doesn't know if she can be with because he is older and also her instructor.

What was the genre of the book?

The genre of this book is science fiction. It takes place in the future and there are some things that probably couldn't happen in real life. For example, they inject a liquid into the side of their neck and go through simulations, which most likely not going to happen in our day.

Which characters play important roles that relate to the overall theme?

The character Four plays a very important role to the overall theme of identity. Four is Tris's instructor and trainer in the Dauntless compound. He helps Tris find herself and her identity. He knows that she is strong even if she doesn't come across as strong. He also knows that she is smart and he tries to help her see that. He basically helps her in her journey of finding her identity as a person not as a faction.

Would I recommend this to someone else?

Absolutely! If I were to compare this book to The Hunger Games, I would say that Divergent is better. There is so much action, romance, and anything else that you can think to put in a book.

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