Ethan N

5th period September 14,2014

My rockin summer

Ethan's trip to a new begining

My summer was started by me playing mine craft in my living room with my friend, I was planning that we were going to play mine craft all summer! But it was all about to change. I was having to move to a new house in 1 month and we had to pack all of our boxes, it was so BORING. But when I got to my new house, I was amazed how awesome it was! It was almost 5 times bigger than my old house and had a swimming pool. My summer may have been ruined my the packing, but in the end, it was awesome! My new favorite spot was at a desk in the kitchen and was right next to the refrigerator and so I didn't have to get up to get water or food. When I set up the computer on that desk, I played mine craft all the time on it. I watched you tube on it and listened to mine craft parodies on it also.