Should people be used for performance enhancing drugs. Con.

The answer is no, because when people get used for these drugs or other things. It puts them in danger. "And an important regulatory note here: the FDA rules drugs as safe and effective, so Adderall, Ritalin, Provigil (Modafinil) have all been declared by the FDA safe and effective. But it’s safe and effective for a particular use." This is showing that there are many drug addicts out there and they could want to overdose an extreme amount where they could go into a coma or many other dangerous things.

"It is possible that they haven’t cracked the code but have merely deciphered a few simple messages." First off why would they test it on humans if they aren't that sure that it would work. To gain more realistic data? or to just to make money because animals are getting expensive. Plus they don't know how it will effect the person over the animal.

"We'll have truly met our goal when someone who lost mobility to neurological injury or disease can truly interact with their environment without anyone knowing that they are employing a brain-computer interface," Oh sure, what happens when their power source runs out? This is a mechanical arm with neuro implants so you can control it. Is there a battery pack that you charge or do they simply just get replaced after they run out. That would be a big inconvenience if you didn't have a charger or another battery.

"Learningdisabilities and mental retardation each affect 5 percent of the worldpopulation,"  Well Make them try in school the whole world of doctors is evolving and it is revolving around drugs and a lot of those drugs will eventually backfire.

  • First There are overdosers.
  • Second Have you seen a Drug commercial? There is like 13 different side effects.
  • And Third half the time the drug will barley even work, if that.
  • And it makes your Brain do some crazy stuff like Homer Simpson. Sorry all pictures are on the bottom.