When Uncle Sam is speechless!

Dear readers, you are about to find out the truth on what happened the September 12, 1991, in Las Vegas, Nevada. I'm standing right here, forty years after ; to spill the beans about the worst and distressing experience I've ever felt. I'll warn you, just in case, that what you're about to read will be explicitly told. Here it begins.

My commander, Rick Ludwig, was small in stature and had skin deeply creased with age and experience. He would always come off warm, calling me by my first name and offering his help in anything. By times, he would even come see me in private, in case everything was okay. It happened a Saterday night. I finished my training in the military base with my team, when I decided to take a break by entering in the living room. I decided to take a rest in the couch, when, all of a sudden, I saw a shadow spying me; it was him.

He came behind me, grabbing my neck, covered my mouth with an old towel and lugged me to a cave. It was all dark. I was screaming my heart out, but no results were showed. Imagine if you were in that kind of situation though ; you'll think a miracle will appear, but not at all, all  locked in this gloomy room, with my superior, which I thought I could trust him. It lasted the whole night. Imaging this again makes me feel really uncomfortable and frightened.The same shock, disbelief and denial that I had felt after the rape overwhelmed me. I was back on the couch, trembling and in tears. He left. What a miserable creature. What a shame, Uncle Sam will be disappointed!

Here I am, forty years after with enough strengh, to speak for hundreds of other victims, to finally tell the truth, my truth, which haunted me for decades. My main message is, dear readers, to warn you about the results of trust. Without it, you can't build any proper relation, which can increase many consequences, so you better watch your back.

Lana Naaman

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2 years ago

. This time, his friendly demeanor gave a surreal character to his “good news.” He intended to give my rapist, his NCO, an Administrative Discharge under Honorable Conditions.