North Carolina Tar Heels

I have always liked North Carolina Tar Heels because some many great players have come out of there, such as Michael Jordan and Vince Carter, and I like them because they are so dominate.

This is that last time that they have one the NCAA Basketball Championship, but not the only time. They have won five in total. The years 1957, 1982, 1993, 2005 and 2009. They are tied in 4th with the most NCAA Basketball Championship.

This is Michel Jordan, who played for North Carolina, which came out to be the best player to ever play basketball.
Another reason I like them is because of their cool jersys and colors.

Even though they are always good this year they got put out in sweet sixteen by the Wisconsin Badgers, which went on to lose against Duke in the National Championship.

Fun Facts

1. They are in the ACC Conference

2. They have been to the final four 18 times, and that is the most by any school ever.

3. They have appeared in the NCAA tournament forty six times, which is second of all time.

4. Their record of all time is 2,140-767, which is third overall in most wins of all time.

5. They have won one hundred and twelve in the NCAA Championship, which is second overall.  

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