Evgeny Romakin

Global Capital Procurement Manager

About Evgeny Romakin

Experienced in procurement and sourcing, Evgeny Romakin is a worldwide capital procurement manager at Amazon. Prior to joining the organization in June of 2014, Evgeny Romakin served two years at Henkel Corporation as the firm’s procurement manager. Applying proven methodologies Evgeny Romakin contributed with aligning procurement function to the company business model and significant cost saving while supplying materials company's plants. In addition, Evgeny Romakin successfully improved payment terms and enhanced consignment agreements, which led to an increase in networking capital. Evgeny Romakin has also held positions in Moscow, Russia, at companies such as Caspian Pipeline Consortium and Sumitomo Corporation, where he honed his expertise in supply and category management.

A graduate of Thunderbird School of Global Management, Evgeny Romakin possesses a master of business administration (MBA). In addition, he has a master of science from the D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia.