Jam Bands and Karaoke

Jonathan Keller of Sarasota has planned a number of different cool party events for a variety of occasions. Now having relocated to Los Angeles and seeking to promote his own business as a party planner and promoter. He is well connected in the local music scene, and scouts musical acts of all types for entertainment at some of his events. And sometimes, all he brings is a PA system and a teleprompter. That’s right, Keller holds good old fashioned karaoke parties where people can display their talents and entertain their friends, family, coworkers and themselves. With a packed playlist, the karaoke option is the most minimal and low-cost of all the options available.

Another cheap option are jam bands. Due to their casual nature, jam bands can provide quality entertainment for a reasonable price. There are some very talented and entertaining jam bands out there, and Jonathan Keller of Sarasota knows where to find them. Jam bands also being the advantage of variety, and play a number of different tunes from different genres to reach to every member of the crowd at some given time. Jam bands can also be picked by their song lists, which give the party planner some control over the general theme of the music. And with their casual nature they are usually a very fun option that gets people to lighten up, relax and just have a good time.

Jonathan Keller of Sarasota knows how to throw a good party, and it starts with having some sweet tunes.

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