Requiem For the Masses
By: Landon G.,Austin S., Cole V.

Imagery: The song vividly describes the death of soldiers that fought in the Vietnam War. This can be seen when they sing "Red was the color of his blood flowing thin. Pallid white was the color of his lifeless skin."

Tone: The song is brave, somber, and patriotic. The song is somber in the way they sing as it is not a happy song. It also talks about the bravery of the soldiers as they "Turned their backs to please the crowd. And all fell before the bull."

Syntax: The song repeats the most impactful lines of the song, such as "Mama, mama, forget your pies. Have faith that they won't get cold." and "At half mast, for the matador. Who turned their backs to please the crowd."

Diction: The term matadors is used to replace the word soldiers. It is an accurate comparison because a lot the the soldiers and even the citizens at home knew that there was almost no chance of them winning this war. It was like the soldiers were sitting there waiting to be hit by a charging bull.

Details: The subject of this song it the soldiers that fought and died in the war; and how they may not have wanted to but did as they were told and fought to please the United States, or the crowd.

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