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*España's population is roughly 47 million.

*The capital of España is Madrid.

*The national language is Spanish.

* Their national currency is the Euro.

*Two neighboring countries are Portugal and France.


Madrid is the capital of Spain. It is famous because it's a major tourist attraction. People like going to Spain because it has a rich and interesting past and culture.

*A top tourist attraction is the Madrid palace. It is the largest royal palace in western Europe. People have occupied it since the tenth century!

       La Concha

La Concha is a very pretty beach located in San Sebastian. It has very clean water beaches and a lot of Spanish people and culture. There is also a La Concha resort that is very high end and beautiful.  

Mezquita of Cordoba

Mezquita is spanish for "mosque". The Mezquita of Cordoba used to be a temple then turned into a church. It is famous for its unique pillars and arches in the main hall.



The expression picha is the expression for friend or what you call your personal friends.

El coche means car but people also use "carro" or "auto" instead.

¡Ide puta madre! means great or excellent  

La Tomatita

There are many kinds of festivals and holidays that go on in Spain, and La Tomatita is one of them.This is a famous spanish festival where more than 20,000 people go out in the streets of Buñol to throw tomatoes.

Food and Drinks

A famous food is  Gizpacho which is a cold tomato soup sold in supermarkets everywhere.

And a favorite drink is Sangria which is a cold citrus drink that is served with or without achohol.


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