Edward Creighton
by Abby Howell

             Edward Creighton was one of Omaha’s greatest businessmen. He’s accomplished many great things in his life like he helped people reach each other by putting up telegraph lines. One of the greatest colleges in Nebraska is named after him. He’s very eager, clever, and determent

What Was His Early Life Like?

              Edward Creighton was born in Ohio, 1820. He was a pioneer with only one sibling, John A. Creighton. He dreamed of putting up telegraph lines.

What Was His Adult Life Like?

           Edward A. Creighton moved to Omaha in 1856. He started putting up telegraph lines in 1858. he hoped to start an intuitions of learning. h e married Mary Lucretia Creighton in 1856. They moved to Omaha as newlyweds to where Edward Creighton relocated his business in 1856. Edward Creighton worked in a construction crew. Each member of the crew had their own job. The construction crew had a total of 500 animals. Edward Creighton died November 5, 1874.

What Were His Greatest  Accomplishments?

               Edward Creighton put up some of the first telegraph lines in Omaha. He was also one of the most successful businessmen in Omaha. When Creighton died 1874 he left his money to his wife Mary. Mary paid $100,000 in memorial to her late husband to build a college named after him. The college was named Creighton University. In 1878 120 students attended Creighton University. Today 8,000 students attend Creighton


Edward Creighton was determined , and eager. He worked hard to put up telegraph lines so people could reach each other. Creighton University is one of the top schools in the United States of America.


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