Fenelon in Wonderland.

This trip was one of the best of my life. Everything was amazing and interesting (except the boat of course.). I was with my bestfriends and I met new people so nice and so funny! I was living a dream, everytime.

I think I have three favorites moments : when we were at the beach with everybody, the hike and the farm. On the beach we were so happy. There was music so we danced all the time, some people went to the sea... CRAZY PEOPLE!! I laughed so much with my friends, I sang, I jumped. Each night was different but perfect.

My second favorite moment was the hike. I'm sorry but the whole of the hike was boring because there was so much rain and windy but the landscapes was beautiful! I was like "Oh my god it's so incredible!"... I felt like I was in an other world, a Wonderland. I regret the weather but, nervermind, you know, when the landscape around you it's amazing, the weather can be bad or so good, you just felt like you are living a dream.

The third and my last favorite : The Farm. When we painted the wal, I was like a child in Disneyworld. I wanted to paint all the wall with a lot of rock band's name and stupiditys. When we danced et played music, these moments were so good too. I laughed all the time, non-stop, and danced a lot too (thank you Corto for the dance aha). Andy was so sweet with us! Old hipster mh.

I think I will never forget this trip. Thank you everybody! Thank you for everything and for this perfect trip!

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