Georgia Institute of Technology

Mascot : The Yellow Jacket

Campus History and Origin

Georgia School of Technology was opened in 1888. In 1948 the original named was changed to Georgia Institute of Technology. As the name implies Georgia Tech was focused on the development of technology and scientific research. Also that it was focused as a trade school to a recognized technology university.

While as time passed by in 1952, women were admitted in attending to Georgia Tech, but that was not the only accomplishment Georgia Institute made. Georgia Institute of Technology became the first university in the deep south to admit African- American students without a court order.

Fall semester of 2014, freshman who applied to Georgia Institute of Technology was 25,884, there was a 33 percentage rate of the freshman who got accepted. Only 8, 641 freshman applied and got accepted in going to Georgia Institute of Technology.

As Georgia Tech grew it has been a national leader in managing the global transition from an industrial economy to an informational technology. In being part of Georgia Tech you will see how the school prepares it students to use their innovative skills and strong work ethic to solve real-world problems and improve the lives of people around the globe.

Fight Song

Admission Requirements

Admission Data (2013):

  • Percent of Applicants Admitted: 55%
  • High School GPA (mid 50%): 3.76 - 4.07
  • Test Scores -- 25th / 75th Percentile
  • SAT Critical Reading: 600 / 700
  • SAT Math: 660 / 780
  • SAT Writing: 610 / 700
  • ACT Composite: 28 / 32
  • ACT English: 28 / 33
  • ACT Math: 29 / 34
  • ACT Writing: 8/9

Tuition and Cost

Cost for 1 year 2013-2014

Tuition fees and cost if you live in Georgia is $10,650, if you are from out of state for example, Florida will be $29,954. That is not including books($1,720), room and board($9,814), and other expenses($1,720). As a total cost for in-state $23,384 and for out-of- state is $42,688.

Fun Fact: Out of state and in state total difference is $19,308.

Freshman 2015- 2016

Campus Life: When the Whistle Blows

It has been the target of many pranksters and is probably the second most desirable prize on campus behind the Tech Tower ‘T’. The whistle is the oldest recorded tradition at Georgia Tech.

When the whistle blows is a ceremony that honors and celebrates the memory of those who have passed over the past year.


1. Wellness:

__APPH 1040- Science Foundation of Health or APPH-1050- Science Foundation of Health

2. Essential Skills:

__ENGL 1101- English Composition I

__ENGL 1102- English Composition II

__MATH 1501- Calculus I

3. Institutional Options:

__Cs 1371- Computing for Engineers

4. Humanities:

__Any HUM

5. Science, Math & Technology:

__PHYS 2211- Intro Physics I

__PHYS 2212- Into Physics II

__MATH 1502-Calculus II

6. Social Studies:

__HIST 2111- United States to 1877 or HIST 2112- United States to 1877 or INTA 1200- American Government or POL 1101- Government of U.S. or  PUBP 3000- U.S. Constitutional Issues

__ ECON 2100- Economics and Policy or ECON 2101- The Global Economy or ECON 2105- Prin of Macroeconomics or ECON 2106- Prin of Macroeconomics

__ Any SS

7. Courses Related to Major:

__CHEM 1310- General Chemistry

__ME1770- Engineering Graphics

__MATH 2401- Calculus III

__MATH 2403-Differential Equations

__MSE 2001- Engr Material

__Ethics Requirement

8. Major Requirement:

__ME 3180- Machine Design or ME 4315- Energy Systems Analy & Dgn

__COE 2001- Statics

__ME 2016- Computing Techniques

__ME 2110- Creative Decisions & Dsgn

__ME 2202- Dynamics of Rigid Bodies

__ME 3017-System Dynamics

__ME 3057- Experimental Methodology

__ME 3322-Thermodynamics

__ME 3340- Fluid Mechanics

__ME 3345- Heat Transfer

__COE 3001- Deformable Bodies

__ME 3210- Design and Manufacture

__ME 4056- Me Systems Laboratory

__ME 4182- Capstone Design

9. ME Electives:

__ME 3000- Level Electives

10. Other Engineering Requirements:

__ECE 3710- Circuits and Electronics

__ECE 3741- Instrum and Electronic Lab

__ISYE 3025- Engineering Economy

__MATH 3670- Statistics and Applns

11. Free Electives:

__ 2000- Level Electives

__ Free Elective

  • Makes a range of $51,000 - $119,000
  • Most work in the manufacturing industry, the utilities industry, or for architectural companies or government agencies
  • A lot of work is done in offices, working on computers and meeting with people
  • May also spend time on factory floors, working with others to assemble or repair machinery
  • Most work 9 to 10 hours a day and 45 to 50 hours a week, though some overtime may be required

Cover Letter for a Manufacture Postion

Mr. Jane Doe

Intex Pool Company

Via Oro Avenue

Long Beach, CA 90810

Good evening Mr. Doe,

I am applying the position as manufacturing in the Intex Pool Company. As what was discussed in later meetings on going forth in my career.

I think I will be excellent in the job because currently I am getting my degree as a mechanical engineer, that goes through manufacturing. In my education I have been working through the design process that which takes me forth into manufacturing. As I have been studying through my degree I have been able to use my innovative skills and strong work ethics to solve real-world problem. I am a student that does not like to give up on a problem also that, I always figures out a solution to my problems. In my dedication to my work I try to achieve the highest potential on the actions that goes in my work that I put in.

I have noticed that Mechanical Engineering is playing an important role in the design and development of complex systems. I believe I am a good candidate for your program and this internship position will be a perfect opportunity for me to establish myself in a career that I am looking forward to having. I would like the opportunity for an interview so that I can further express my interest in your company.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and I apologize for the inconvenience of not being able to print out my resume earlier.


Athenia Bailey

Athenia Bailey

1519 Patroit Dr.

El Paso, Tx 79938

(915) 368- 5375 (h)

(916) 263-8008 (c)

Letter of Recommendation

To whom it may concern:

I recommend Athenia Bailey should be accepted to Georgia Institute of Technology because she is a very dedicated student and a hard worker.

Athenia is truly a dedicated student that does not like to give up on a problem, she figures out a solution and goes throughout her work. She achieves the highest that she can fulfill on the actions that she makes in the work that Athenia puts into. Also, that she never settles for anything else; however, her dedication is not only as a student but also is dedicated to anything she participates in such as: robotics, cross country, and ROTC. She works hard to gain what she desires and never stops at any point of the way.

Athenia is always ready to face new challenges and is not intimidated by how hard the challenge may be. She always finds a way to advance in her academics and work. I truly believe that she will prevail in your University, with her hard work and dedication she would be one of your greatest students. If you have any questions please contact me at (915)555-6743 or at

Yours sincerely



Athenia Bailey


Obtaining the position, as a salesman in the pool company will benefit the company on having different pool designs and the consumer so they have a variety of want they can decide.


Robotics 2015-2018

I dealt with computer programming, coding, and building robots.

I learn cooperative skills while working with teammates.I dealt with finding my solutions through problematic skills, and study the design process with groups I went into.

Engineer Studio 2013- 2018

Software I have been working into, to get more experienced in Auto CAD programming.

I build structural buildings; I work on project like designing robots.

I create algorithms to develop coding.


John L. Chapin High School 2014-2015

Engineering Magnet Program

High School Diploma 2015-2018

Pebble Hills High School

Top 25%

STEM Program

Bachelor Of Technology: Mechanical Engineering 2018-2023

Georgia Institute of Technology

GPA: 3.58

Dean’s List


Doing group projects like making solutions, creating and brainstorming new ideas with a group of individuals on developing a project. I am also a hard worker, I have been able to use my innovative skills and strong work ethics to solve real-world problem. I am a student that does not like to give up on a problem also that, I always figures out a solution to my problems. In my dedication to my work I try to achieve the highest potential on the actions that goes in my work that I put in.

Persuasive Essay

Everyday is a new day, where life gives you another chance in life, and it gives another person to be reborn. The day my father bought our Volkswagen Beetle, in my first year of middle school was the day I wanted to become an mechanical engineer. When I said I wanted to become I had no doubt about it, as a child growing up, I loved putting pieces together, creating new ideas, finding problematic solutions and looking for my solution to my problems.

For example, as starting out my freshman year, I was in another school before I went to El Dorado 9th Grade Academy(ED9). That school I went to did not really talk about getting ready for college until you were a sophomore or a junior. When I went to ED9 that is when my life flipped around and started digging more into collages and what I wanted in life. Throughout my elementary,middle, and high school years of life I have always had my head in the game. I always kept my good grades, I took extra curricular activities like choir,sports, robotics and ROTC, and I always kept excellent behavior, but doing those things were said that would help me get started with the education I wanted.

When I signed up for the magnet engineering school, I was overwhelmed that I would start to experience the career I wanted in life. The day school started to the day it ended I knew my life would change. As I was introduced to the Inventor CAD programming, I knew that was what I wanted in life. Inventor is not the only program I also have worked with a variety of different auto CAD programing.

As the days came closer, to finding collages I wanted a place to be by my hometown and where my father began his work in mechanical engineering. That is why I choose Georgia Institute of Technology.

Furthermore, as life goes on, we should always "keep looking forward." The reason why I should be accepted in your school to is to pursue a dream that comes into reality. The reality I have been wanting to see is that women can do just as well, what men can do.

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