Sharks and underwater monsters

Hammond, Paula. Sharks & Underwater Monsters. New York: Scholastic, 2011. Print.sub headline here


Sharks roam around the ocean. Did you know that sharks are the top predators of the ocean. They eat everything in their way.

mako shark

I'm choosing one shark, one saltwater fish, one freshwater fish, and an squid. First I'm starting with the mako shark. The mako shark has an amazing raw power and streamlined style. These hunters are at the top of the food chain. He has a burst of speed and the ability to leap at least 20 ft. (6.1 m). It feeds on some of the world's fastest and most aggressive marine species, including blue sharks, billfish, dolphins, tuna, and mackeral.


With the eel like body, flip-top jaws, and massive fangs, this deep-sea dweller, the viperfish is a truly nightmarish vision. At depths of between 650 and 3,300 ft. (198-1,006). He has an in-built fishing rod, tipped with a luminous lure, to attract food.

giant squid

Imagine a creature that can grow to at least 43 ft. (13 m) long, has eight arms, and two even longer tentacles. Imagine the same creature has eyes as big as dinner plates, and a sharp, parrot-like beak. then, add a "jet- propelled" body that moves by pushing water through a fleshy, mantle cavity. Finally, give the creature the ability to communicate with others of its species using color-changing organs in the skin. The result is the giant squid.

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