Having Troubles Determining Car Insurance Premium? Not Now

Further you can browse through important aspects which affect the calculation of car insurance premium on your vehicle.

How one earns his living?

How one earns his living impacts his cost of premium. Certain insurance companies consider certain jobs as linked with higher risk of claims. Hence, check these details in the policy.

What kind of vehicle you have?

Expensive vehicles require greater costs for replacement of stolen parts or damaged parts. Therefore, higher premium is required to pay for such vehicle owners. This can be reduced by having your car equipped with high-end security features.


The age factor plays a vital role to decide your premium amount. Research states that young drivers are more likely to face accidents and hence make repeated claims than older age groups. The bracket seen to have witnessed higher paying of premiums is 16-24.

Nevertheless, clean driving records over a period of time can avail you discounts on your premium.

Where do you reside?

One’s place of residence also affects his premium amount. If one stays in a locality prone to frequent accidents then he’ll require paying higher premium. Same is the fact in areas with higher crime incidents.

Is your driving history safe?

The driving records also will help you to determine how much premium you might have to pay. Clean driving records with no major accidents will give one the benefit of lesser premium.

Did you make any claims before?

When you apply for insurance, your insurer will review your claim history over the past 5 years. If there are frequent claims then this will increase your premiums.

If you haven’t made any claims over a period of 1 or more years then you will receive a no-claims bonus or NCB.

What your policy type?

Comprehensive car insurance will require the insured to pay higher premium than in the case of third-party insurance or such specific insurance.

This is because, in the former, the insurer will have to insure you against greater range of events covered in the comprehensive policy.

Who all are insured to drive the vehicle?

The name of drivers as stated in the policy also affects the premium amount. For instance, for an experienced who shows clean driving skills, he will have to pay lower premium. Conversely, it’s the other way round.

P.S.- Different insurers treat these factors in different ways. So it’s a good idea to shop around and get quotes from a wide range of providers and purchase one which offers the lowest premium and greater coverage.

Last but not the least; don’t hold yourself from taking help from a professional whenever needed.

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