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Julius W

     Hi, I’m Julius. I’m fourteen years old. I was born in Alabama and have also lived in Michigan and Utah. I moved here when I was five at the end of kindergarten. I went to Liberty Lake Elementary.

    I am the oldest of five kids. I have two younger brothers and two younger sisters. My brother Zander is in 6th grade here at GMS.

      I like music and sports and the outdoors. I play drums in the band. I have played a few sports here at Greenacres including wrestling, football, and basketball. I like golfing and camping and shotgun shooting. I am also a big Michigan football fan because they're awesome .

    I have a dog named Maizy. She is a mutt.

     This spring break we were going to drive to Utah, but our refrigerator broke. So we stayed here instead. We did some stuff outside like hike the loop at the county park. I also went golfing, shotgun shooting and had an airsoft war with my friends. On Easter I helped hide eggs for our church’s Easter Egg hunt.

     We did some stuff indoors too. We watched some movies like Nacho Libre. I watched Neflix a little. We also went over to our counsin’s house to watch the Michigan spring game. I helped my dad work on some projects in the house.

    Maybe next year our fridge won’t break and we can do something more exciting.

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2 years ago

Hay Mrs.K its me Julius