Ancient Egypt

By Tehya Fernandez

The picture on the right shows the fifth Dynasty of the ancient Egypt Pharoahs.

Then, the picture on the left shows the Pyramid of Giza.

One of the things that made ancient Egypt important was their daily lives and jobs. Most of the jobs involved farming, craftsman , and scribes ,but there were only some nobles.

Another important thing that ancient Egyptians used to survive was the Nile River.

This not only was used as a trading system but also produced fertile soil , silt , during floods. Also, the people used it to fish and hunt for food.

In ancient Egypt when a pharaoh or other important animals or people died they would have to get mummified.This process not only took up to up to 70 days but also associated in a Egyptian belief in the after life. The organs and remains of the mummy would be put in a canopic jar.

In Egypt , ancient Egyptians took their religion very seriously. They had not only up to 2000 gods and goddesses , but they also had numerous religious ceremonies.

Ancient Egypt was located on the continent of Africa. They were also next to the Nile River and the Mediterranean sea which they used to trade and use as a food system.

The ancient Egypt pyramids were made for the tombs of the pharoahs and their queens.Each individual pyramid held the body of the pharaoh and his queen inside.

In this picture it shows some of the daily jobs in ancient Egypt.
This picture shows the Nile River which helped the Egyptians trade.
This picture shows the mummy's tomb which is part of the mummification process.
This picture shows one of the many gods of the ancient Egyptian religion.
This picture shows the geography of Egypt.

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