Welcome To Burundi

Blake P.


Food is very important, as we all know. We have many different types of food. Here in Burundi we eat beans, corn, peas, sweet potatoes, and cabbage. We mostly boil our food. We put bananas in some water, drink it and call it banana beer. Also most families skip breakfast and only eat lunch and dinner.


Burundians have two official languages, Kirundi and French. We speak French only for business terms. Otherwise, we use Kirundi for talking in an everyday way. Sometimes when you live on the western shore of Lake Tanganyika you speak Swahili. But, that's only if you live on the west.


Our country is located in Central Africa. It is surrounded by Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda and Tanzania. The population of our country is 10,888,321. The terrain has many hills and many mountains.

Happy Holidays

We celebrate many holidays here in Burundi. We celebrate Independence Day, Unity Day, Labor Day, Ascension Day, and All Saints Day. We also have Christmas. On Christmas we give flowers to one another and string lights from our houses.

History of Burundi

Burundi was founded by a tribe named Twa. My country was started on the eastern foothills and continued to grow. We were ruled by a king, also called a mwami. Independence Day is celebrated on July 1, 1962.


The three main religions of Burundi are Roman Catholic, Protestant and Islam. We have a Human Rights Law that lets our people choose any religion without judging them.


In Burundi children are only made to attend school from ages 7 to 14. Primary education through sixth grade is provided for free. Up until 1954, the church was responsible for providing education, but only for primary grades. The schools and education are improving everyday.

Tourist Interests

Some of Burundi's tourist attractions are the national parks. Ruvubu has beautiful wild animals. Some of them are hippopotamus, buffalo, leopards and lions. It also has lots of different flowers to look at. Plus 425 different kinds of birds. Kibira is another national park. It is a rainy forest and is a protected area. Rusizi is the favorite attraction. The area is forest, shrub and grasslands for many different animals and plants for people to enjoy when they visit.

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