Effectively Training Front Line Employees

Employees typically get a crash course about the general industry and some specific job assignments as part of a routine training when they accept a position with a new company. Although this on the job training is beneficial, it does not fully encompass everything that is needed to excel in a customer service role. ServiceCheck specializes in offering effective customer recovery solutions that truly help retailers apply expert customer service skills to consumers.

The ServiceLink program focuses on a threefold approach to maximize retail customer recovery and retention. By motivating employees and improving general customer relations skills throughout the organization, the ServiceCheck professionals can gather, analyze, and resolve customer issues that could be potentially harmful to a struggling or growing retail organization. The proactive approach supports retail businesses as well as customers and employees by offering 24/7/365 live agents to immediately address concerns as they arise.

Customers can utilize multiple communication channels to reach customer service representatives. Depending on their personal preference, customers can ask questions or voice complaints via the telephone, email, social media sites, webpage, letters and comment cards. Businesses also benefit from the open communication and can access data and actionable information through the customized real- time dashboard created for ServiceLink users. The general approach is to provide all relevant information to concerned parties throughout the retail organization.

The proven customer recovery techniques offered at ServiceCheck are effective ways to increase brand loyalty and empower individual employees. Educated front line employees have the confidence to successfully address customer concerns in an efficient and respectful manner while securing the brand reputation. The combined effect of customer retention and employee training results in a return on investment of $8 for every $1 invested in the program. The cost savings from utilizing the ServiceLink program is a significant benefit for retail employers and customer service industries.

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