Pathways for Help Desk

Mooresville High School.

Mooresville High School Help Desk Pathways.

1. Blogger Creator - A blogger creator is a student who shows what we will write a blog on for the day.

2. Student Trainer - The student trainers are where a student from Help Desk, go out an help other students or teachers with technology.

3. School-based Support - This one is where a student goes to other schools in our district and helps provide support at lower levels.

4. App Creator - This pathway is for students who is wanting to do coding and help teachers make an app to help out with learn

5. Help Desk Management and Hardware Expert - They are here to fix some of the issues that happen to the laptops. By taking them apart and doing other task in Help desk Classroom.

6.Help Desk Ambassadors - They help out other schools, new students, and staff. You also visit classrooms and help problem-solve, inspect

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