Swap Meet

we own the space; you sell the goods

Why own a little business when you can own the space for said business?

Here's the logic behind that. Take the Grand Bazaar for example:

It covers over 61 streets, and contains over 3,000 shops. Now if that's not a lot take a look at this. On a daily average, 300,000- 400,000 people go and spend their money there. 127,750,000 people visit their annually. If you take into the calculations for the space, and the electricity (which is generally all it is) the owner of said Grand Bazaar has to pay for little to few things. Of course they're are employees, a total of 26,000 of them, but that only makes a small portion of the people that visit there everyday.

Where to begin?

Well first comes the idea. Austin, Eric, and Ivan want to own an indoor and outdoor swap meet. What do they need? Well they need money to buy the lot and find vendors to lease the space to. Then comes the basics to the indoor part of it, such as electricity, plumbing, and some sort of air conditioning. As for outside, all we generally need is an empty lot. The space will then be rented out by the size and amount of time the vendor will occupy.


Being that we only have to worry about the building structure and renovations, we have all agreed on becoming limited liability partners. This is stating that we will take responsibility for what our part is in owning the swap meet, and in case anything might happen, the three will not be held accountable, only the one partner. Example: If Eric is in charge of the plumbing, and by some weird mystery the toilet in which a customer is using explodes, then only Eric is accountable because plumbing was his responsibility and Austin and Ivan will not be sued.

As for outside, all vendors will take full liability for and loss, damages, or conundrums one might run into.


What then becomes of this swap meet once the space runs out?

Well here's the beauty of it. Once our lot and swap meet is known and full with vendors inside and out, we can then sell the building space for more than what we bought it being that we invested our own money into it for renovations. We can then purchase and even bigger space, expand our publicity, and increase our profits. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

We, of course, will not be able to come close to how large and spontaneous the Grand Bazaar is, but being able to start from only a building and an empty lot is more than a good start.

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