Grace Fischbach- BGSU CRU Staff
Gracefully Simple- May 2015

Dear Friends,

School is out, and I have made my way down to Virginia Beach, Virginia, for a Cru Summer Mission! Cru has Summer Missions all around the U.S. and the world. They are one of my favorite things that Cru does! There are around 25 staff members and 50 students here in VA Beach! Each of the students will get a full time job while they are down here to help them learn how to share their faith in the workplace! Each week of Mission will have a theme. This week is Entering Community, followed by: Experiencing Christ, Engaging the Mission 1, Embracing Transformation, and then Engaging the Mission 2.
The students will be encouraged to grow in their faith and walk with the Lord, as well as, learn how to share their faith with others! This will be accomplished through different meetings and times together such as: bible studies, individual mentoring, men’s and women’s times, outreach times, and much more! This is such a transforming summer for the staff and students alike!
The staff are down here for the first five weeks to equip the students to take over the summer mission. When we hand over the mission to the students, they will get different opportunities to lead bible studies, ministry teams, outreaches, prayer and praise nights and so much more! Our aim is for the students to grow in knowledge of who God is, who they are because of Christ, and how they can share that good news with others!
Thank you all so much for all of your love, prayer, and support! This could not be possible without each and every one of you!

Much Love and God Bless,

Grace Fischbach

Prayer Requests

-- For each of our weeks themes. That the students would experience each of the themes in life changing ways.

-- For the staff and the students. That we would grow closer with Jesus and be bold in sharing our faith in Christ with others.

-- For the Gospel of Christ to go forward in the city of Virginia Beach!

If you have any prayer requests please send them to me at: