Pushing Sixty

Searching for a job at Fifty Eight

Documenting my little journey

I'm going to be documenting my little job search journey. To give you a little background, I have been in call center customer service for over twenty years. I have been a collections representative, a sales representative, an internet repair representative, and even a retention representative. I progressed from these positions to training instructor, supervisor, and even sales manager of a department with fifty five representatives and five supervisors. All for major corporations.

I now find myself unemployed at the age of fifty eight, and I am discovering that all my experience is actually a liability. Let's take a recent example.

I applied for a temporary position with Amazon as a at-home customer service rep, that pays $10.00 an hour. Amazon is currently hiring 70,000 people for the holiday season. I had a phone interview, and the HR person was so impressed that she immediately sent me a link to have my equipment evaluated, and to take their online placement test. I took the assessment which included simulated calls, and a personality test. To my surprise, at the end of the assessment I was told I wasn't qualified to be an at-home agent. I was a bit speechless. I can only assume that in the personality portion of the test, I was a bit too gregarious to work alone at home. This despite the years of experience, dealing on the phone with customers.

Like most of the jobs I've applied for in the last eleven months, there is no way to ask for clarification, and once you have been rejected for a position, no way to re-apply. Despite my experience, I will not be one of the 70,000 people that Amazon is hiring.

On a bright note, the fast food workers working in Washington state are pushing for $15.00 an hour. Who knows? If it passes, I may be asking you "would you like to super-size that?"

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