"Qur'an and America" Blog/Infographic Assignment

Intro to Qur'an WTR '14

Assignment Details:

In this assignment you conduct online research on the use and understanding (and sometimes misuse and misunderstanding) of the Qur’an in American society – especially politics and media.

Surf the web to investigate how Americans represent the Qur’an or use it in current kinds of discourse. As you collect data, begin to organize your findings around a theme – which will become the title of your blog/infographic. Possible themes include:

  • Shari’a Law and America
  • Islamophobia in America
  • Politicians on Qur’an
  • Muslim-American Apologetics (efforts to explain the Qur’an and Islam to their neighbors)

…or whatever you come up with!
Organize and present your findings in a clear and engaging way that the rest of the class can learn from. Two great tools you might consider using are http://www.easel.ly/ (makes awesome drag-and-drop infographics ) and http://www.weebly.com/# (for web pages) both are free.

Lastly, include a bibliography in your presentation (you can make it very small or link it), listing at least 10 websites consulted. You are free to read and use any kind of website, including extremely biased ones, but please include a brief “tag” in your bibliography that lets me know you are aware of the nature of the source, for instance:

  • The Onion http://www.theonion.com, accessed January 9, 2014 (satire).
  • Answering Islam http://www.answering-islam.org, accessed January 9, 2014 (anti-Islamic).
  • The Tea Party News Network http://www.tpnn.com, accessed January 9, 2014 (um, Tea Party says it all).
  • MSNBC http://www.msnbc.com, January 9, 2014 (liberal).