Probably the most noticeable

Probably the most Cheap fifa 15 coins that the last man now actually the balls authentic intercept wards and simply bounce. Each parade has a certain independence and the resulting game situations also seem to differ. Balls bounce is not always the same from not every shot in the angle is fished out by the book and it also comes times to totally crashed parades. This of course adds some realism to the whole of the game, looks especially awesome but mostly accurate from.

More Realism was the goal of "improved" AI. Teams and players will now react dynamically to match the context according to the developers. Depending on the game situation, the CPU in FIFA 15 is independently decide whether to keep the ball in the stands or still prefer to press hard the enemy. In theory, this would have been a really nice progress, but in practice there is a lack of appropriate and effective implementation. In short: You can tell this new behavior rarely, usually even not at all. Basically, one has the impression that the AI the procedure from the previous copied over long distances, differences are therefore more likely to be looking through a magnifying glass anyway. Unfortunately, this then also means that some lapses in artificial intelligence is still to be found again in the latest FIFA.

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