Making a Difference with Family Law

The hardest part of law to master is grasping that fact that the clients that you work with are people. A career in jurisprudence pursued without passion can lead to the detriment and the destruction of the lives of the clients that were taken. Many lawyers that are successful have become so due to their commitment to their clients, and the understanding that their lives and their future is on the line. Once this is understood, the potential of their career is unleashed, and they are given the opportunity to excel. For some, not ruining lives is just not enough, and they must devote their careers to doing the impossible: improving the lives of their clients.

Pursuing a career in family law requires doing more than just what you are paid for. As a lawyer working with the needs of a family that may be struggling, it takes a passionate and dedicated individual to pursue solutions that will dig much deeper than simply the legal ramifications. To make a difference to the community, family law requires a sense of integrity in the work that you do as a lawyer. While it is very profitable as a lawyer, the money should not be a priority when engaging in family law.

Being both a family lawyer and a family man, Douglas MacNeille testifies the amount of heart it takes to be a family lawyer in times when things fall apart for clients. Being a husband, a father, and a grandfather, he knows the struggles that his clients go through, and devotes his times to finding solutions that will best suit the future of his clients. Adopting this character in the work that you perform is inspirational, and will help you both professionally and personally as your character develops.

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