The Theory of Evolution Versus the Process of Evolution

By Tatum Brown

The theory of Evolution

Charles Darwin touched on the theory of evolution in his book, On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection which was published in 1859. His theory had two main parts, one was that organisms change over time, so they weren't created in their present form, but have evolved and changed over millions and millions of years. The other part is evolution occurs by natural selection, which is the process that living things with favorable traits are more likely to produce offspring that will be better suited for their environment. The picture above represents the first part of Darwin's theory. Things such as bacteria have evolved into different types of other bacteria, plants, and even humans. This shows that humans weren't created in their present form as we are today, but that we may have evolved from bacteria.

the Process of Evolution

The picture above shows how the television has changed, or evolved over time. This is an example of the process of evolution, not the theory of evolution. The process of evolution is as simple as the gradual change of something over time. For example, the picture above shows the evolution of the television from the 1930's to the 2010's. The process of evolution can be referred to anything from clothing, to television, to different types of food. Almost everything has a process of evolution. The theory of evolution is all about living organisms and how they have changed and evolved over time, and the way the grow and develop differently over time and why. You could definitely say the theory of evolution is based on the process of evolution, but not all processes of evolution can be part of the theory of evolution.

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