Where Does The Money Go?

What's in your credit profile, not your wallet

The American dream of proper financial understanding, proper education, proper employment and proper legal representation has turn into an American nightmare of worry, stress and struggle.

60% of the populations have credit fear, shame and embarrassment!

What’s in your credit profile? You don’t know,do you! Why? Because you're too afraid to check! This is truly disturbing and is the only fear keeping our hard working citizens from addressing and facing their credit concerns.

A staggering 189 million citizens, of our 315 million citizens are at risk or in danger of financial ruin due to error, inaccuracies and or outdated credit information.

Welcome to The FEEL Center Project LLC

What is The FEEL Center Project?

The FEEL Center Project is a combination of four elements I found to be essential to creating, maintaining, protecting and securing ones financial well-being.

1) Finances; you must have a great relationship with your money!

2) Education; information is power!

3) Employment; should be an opportunity, not be a chore!

4) Legal; proper representation should you need it!

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You should really watch this video! Wealth Inequality in America

Get your all three of your credit reports in 15 minutes and then reach out.

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