George Middleton

Lustful. Controlling. Greedy

All I wanted was...

My own Land

To have sex

To get drunk

To be rich

and to have fun

But I didn't want...

A partner like Lennie

To run from the law

To be poor

To always argue

And to kill my friend

Three Motivations:
Sex. Money. Alcohol


1.) He is insecure and this trait is what causes him to act out

2.) He wasn't optimistic and it is shown when he tells Slim he knew they would never get their land

3.) He was not actually related to Lennie

Three Characters George Interacts With:
Lennie. Slim. Curley.

Throughout the story George takes care of Lennie, but when he leaves George is quick to talk bad about him. This tells us he isn't a very loyal friend.

George becomes friends with Slim and this is best displayed at the end of the book when Slim offers to get drinks.

Curley and George interact when he finds out Lennie killed his wife. He instantly goes to George and asks where Lennie is. Curley and George weren't on the best terms and when he blamed George for knowing where Lennie is they became more irritated with each other.

George affects the plot because without him, Lennie probably would have been in jail and wouldn't have any guidance.

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