Music is important for all humans as it helps us cope and come together. It helps prove needed points and to give a voice to said points. It's an important aspect of our lives.

How does music change the tone of a moment/event?

Music changes the tone of an event significantly. Music reunites people. Such as the people singing and dancing in Ferguson. Look back at old traditions. Almost all traditions have songs to them. Such as Christmas, we sing Christmas charols. Music reunites people. But music also helps events by easily portraying a point. When you sing if police brutality or sing of violence, the voice Is heard. Singing helps to give a voice.

How does music affect me, my family and culture?

Music helps me significantly. It helps with stress. An example could be the day before a test. To help manage, I'd listen to music. It provides an amazing escape. It allows people to get lost in music and forget about all their troubles. Music hasn't necessarily helped my family, as, we do not listen to music together, but I know it helps many families and communities. An example could be the riots in Ferguson. Michael Browns family, and their followers, sing in protest. This helps them cope. And as previously mentioned, it helps them provide a message and come together. Overall, music helps events and people (including myself and my family) to escape reality and come together and prove a point (if needed).

- Conrad D.

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3 years ago

Conrad, so great examples of times that music can both soothe us and give us an outlet for our emotions. Be sure to read over your work critically and take out redundant statements.