What is slavery?

Poster, advertising the sale of several slaves

Slavery is the act of trading and using a group of peoples as a result of supposed inferiority or war. The ignorance of many peoples to acknowledge this issue as a problem, and a problem that will continue to plague the world for years to come.

For centuries people have enslaved each other for reasons,ranging from War to necessity of labor workers, that the general population could not provide.

How did slavery come about?

Slavery has been around since the beginning of war. During wars and other times when one country conquered another, people have taken the losing side prisoner, to work for them without pay. This became known as slavery, but that is not American slavery. American slavery originated when the first settlers arrived in Jamestown. But they had 20 slaves back then according to the National park service. But when the colonies finally became independent and became more powerful, they began a massive trade. A trade that although was wrong, was booming the economy of this new country. Due to the labor that the slaves did, America was able to produce about half a million tons of tobacco. (For future reference, a ton is 2,000 pounds.) That was just the exports to London in 1640. As a result of this economic boom, settlers began importing more slaves. Making the desire for them all the more. That is one of the reasons behind slavery.

What was used to force submission?

Slavery works only when one group, is crushed emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. As the groups that would be enslaved can’t have the mindset of a imprisoned person. (They did, but…) If they had that mindset they would rebel, and rebellion would result in the economical collapse, of the United states. To ensure that they would not rebel, slaveowners used a variety of tortures. They were whipped until blood and flesh mingled and they were forced to go days without eating or drinking anything, according to “American slavery as it is, testimony of a thousand witnesses.”

Did they fight back?

The slaves that decided that they could not fight back to go with it and pretend that eventually the slave owners will get their dues. To ensure that communication would not be present, and to ensure that insurrection would not occur slaveowners decided to place slaves of different tribes together.To also make examples of those that ran away or didn’t complete their daily quotas were seperated from their families if they weren’t already.

Why wasn't it stopped?

Due to the fact that the economy of the United states was based on slavery, the economy could no longer survive without slave labor, producing goods and other necessities. Without this cheap source of labor, the economy would fail and they would no longer be able to provide for their families and they would be forced to go back to England. They also need something to ensure that they would persevere, as a country. The peoples of that era believed that Africans were “natural slaves”. (The reasoning for the idea of natural slaves came from Aristotle.) This formed the basis of this genocide, creating hate of one race over another, making one believe that one race is inferior to the other race. Leading to racial tension, that lasts even today. This also was classification, making an “us” and “them” situation.

Concluding statement

The fact that we can even still debate over this issue is cause for alarm. The fact that it is ongoing after years of civil rights and different protestations against this act of trade is disturbing.

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