Water in Haiti

"Thousands have lived without love, not one without water"(W.H.Auden)

In Haiti water is limited, the people of Haiti are struggling to have a place where waste and clean water are separated. Haiti doesn't have the money to purchase water and even if the country did it would take a long time to build the filter and for the water to go through. Haiti has struggled with water issues since the beginning of time and the fact that its a Third War Country doesn't help. Poverty levels in Haiti are high, and doesn't help the troubles of the Country. Haiti's need for water is concerning considering its causing other problems as well. Haiti's death rate has went up due to the fact that the separation between waste and clean water doesn't exist.

In the world most large countries have an over abundance of clean water, like Americans use water to dump waste in and use a filtering system to return the water to the right PH level so the water is clean enough to drink. In Haiti the country has little money which results in them not being able to have water. Americans have started groups to start and donate water to Haiti but the American Government has done nothing to help the country. American governments are aware of the death toll and have yet to comment on the situation. Other countries could send toilets to Haiti but its not the biggest issue so its swept under the rug.

In Haiti the seperation between clean and dirty water doesn't exsist. The Country has suffered alot because of it, and it has resulted in health problems. Haiti's poverty level is one main reason for the lack of money to pay for the water filter and toliets. Haiti is having issues with water and food and the country needs help to run regularly. If Haiti doesn't get help the death toll will rise even higher than it is at this moment. Haiti's water problem will never go away if the Goverment's over the world do not interfere amd help out.

In The Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 25 is about the humans right to the necessities of life. Water is a huge necessity in life and lack of water can result in dangerous problems including death. If Haiti doesnt get water it's going to result in horrible problems that can not be solved and Haiti might be in trouble with the population rapidly decreasing. Haiti can't help themselves and all of the other countries are aware of this. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights has been violated in Haiti and Human Rights Watch has brought it to the World's attention.

We Can Help Haiti

Organizations all over the world are starting blogs and coming up with great ideas on how we can help Haiti and other countries like it. If the organizations raise enough money they plan to pay for a filter to turn salt water into drinking water. The organizations also plan to drill in certian parts of Haiti where it is thought to have water supply underneath. The oganizations plan to buy toilets and donate them to Haiti so the country never has to deal with the problem again. Haiti is taking all donations no matter the amount, Haiti is in a need of help and all of the surrounding Counties and together we can help the country not have to worry about water.

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