Career Research Project

Nathan Konvicka, artist/musician

Necessary Job Skills: artistic capabilities, skill with an/several instruments, a passion for drawing the beauty out of blank pages

Necessary Education Requirements: high school diploma, experience with different mediums and instruments

"Leave a place better than you found it "-Dad, he always told me this growing up concerning taking care of the things placed under my control, or that I have an effect on (mainly while putting things away in the garage).I have started using it as a basic script on how to deal with situations, and things I'm responsible for. He's gone now, and as I stare at the mustang we were fixing up I realize that I don't even measure up the the wake of his responsibility. And as I stand in the garage where we used to stand and I feel the true wait of what happened, there are only two options, let everything crumble under my control, or leave this place better than I found it, and so I start to put the car back together again.

My father actually is my role model. He was the person who got me started with art. He showed me so much in the time he was here. He taught me how to build and problem solve.  In his faith and how he led his family I can only aspire to.                                He is truly so influential because is is everything I want to be as a man. In my eyes he was the definition of what a man should be. He was able to inspire people when things weren't going right, and he could keep you humble when things were going perfect. He seemed to have the best answer for everything.He is what I hope to be like when I'm older.

Concerning being an artist Ryan Frawley says in his article in the Thought catalog that, "If you want to be an artist now, being creative isn't enough. Have to have a web presence, become a social media expert and sell yourself like some pink-shirted corporate slime-ball. You need to somehow combine Kurt Cobain with Donald Trump, and this is probably not why you became an artist in the first place"(Frawley 1).This article was honestly very disheartening to me. I guess I should have expected this field just like every other has been polluted by politics, and forced into the digital age. But in my mind that is at its' heart the opposite of what  art is. Art is freedom to express regardless if nobody likes your "status". Art is hope that there is still a sliver of pure humanity left. Something that shouldn't be tainted by drama, it is far too precious for that.

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