Industrial Revolution: The Camera

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One of the first inventors of photographic technology was Jacques Mande Daguerre. Many individuals including his partner Nicéphore Niépce, worked on the challenge of photography, they expiremented with papers and plates and obtained light-sensitive chemicals. The Daguerrotype camera of 1839 would be one of the first inventions of Industrial Revolution to create negative pictures. Each camera was one of a kind made of high quality polished wood. Inside, iodine vapers were exposed and developed into mercury fumes to display the image. The final image was develpoed on a sheer copper plate and small enough to carry in a pocket. It was a long process and required so much patience that most people would never smile in pictures. Self portiats became very poplular among celebritis and polititions in the middle class.

Daguerreotype Camera (1835)

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