Seven Treats During National Celebrations

Who doesn’t love celebrations? All people enjoy the festivity, the warmth of the moment and the unified sense of enjoyment in the air.

These feelings are further intensified if the celebration concerns the whole nation. This is particularly true for the Singaporeans and tourists who will take part in the upcoming National Day of Singapore on August 9. This national celebration is done every year to honor the separation of Singapore from Malaysia as a sovereign nation. Every year, the official committee formulates activities that will combine the citizenry in asserting their freedom. Aside from this, the business establishments around the country also provide tempting treats to their customers as their way of taking part in the celebration. Seven of these treats are discussed below.

Mobile sale. Owners of mobile stores provide huge discounts on their product offerings. In particular, sony mobile price in singapore, can be offered at 50% less from the original price while other brands are offered at 30% reduced price. These owners do this as part of their initiative in fostering national jubilance.

Phone package. Patriotism for this occasion is shown by other mobile stores by offering customizedmobile phone sg that manifest National Day insignia. These are actually collectible items which the citizens can keep as a sign of remembrance. Most of these mobile packages are also sold at reduced price so the customers will actually get a double treat if they will avail of these offerings.

Department store discount. Various clothing outlets in Singapore also provide 10 to 50% discount on formal, casual and sports clothing materials on the day of the celebration. Some stores even offer these discounts two to three days before August 9. These sale events are highly anticipated not only by the fashionable population of Singapore but also by the foreign tourists.

Travel packages. Tourism in Singapore also benefits from the National Day celebration. This is because tour packages are offered at significantly reduced price days before the 9th of August. Included in these tour packages are the favorite destinations in Singapore.

Airfare promos. In connection with the previous entry, the famous airline companies also provide alluring airfare promos to the locals and the foreign visitors. Interested travelers simply have to log into the company’s website, check the promos and book for their preferred dates.

Restaurant buffets. On the week of the National Day celebration, many restaurants in the metropolis and in the outskirts of the nation provide buffet to their customers at highly affordable prices. Such sumptuous food choices will surely satisfy the craving of the locals and the tourists.

Free taste. Lastly, many food establishments provide an opportunity for the public to get a glimpse of their special food items by offering free tastes. These programs may run throughout the day of the celebration depending on the specifications of the owner.

The National Day Celebration is a great opportunity to commemorate and honor the history of the nation and also to avail the great offerings of various establishments in Singapore.