The Loss That Took Much More

Kimberlyn Tyson 4-16-14

Your message...

How can we lose again?
I thought we were the champions.
At least we were at home.
What ever happened to that.

We pay a visit
and you-
all of you-
crushed our mood.

"Come on, it'll be fun," you said,
"Uno is a nice way to have 'family time'."
"Yeah.  Spend time together."

Just tell me anything.

I should've known better.
We should've known better.
Once you said the forbidden words
It should've clicked.

Once you said,
"Be careful, they're close to your level of skill."
"Maybe they're better."
"You and your sister are on that fine line
between being good and cheating, so..."


I couldn't believe
those cursed words
spilled out of your mouth.

No one can be at our skill level.
Trained by the pro.
We are unbeatable.

Sorry dear cousins,
But you don't know what's coming.

Of course-
being my sister and I-
We didn't know what was coming.

The nice family game we thought was coming,
Instantly became a fast-paced whirlwind of
Red, yellow, blue, green.
Uno cards were everywhere.

Our own little war broke out.
Each round like a new battle.

Sibling against sibling.
Husband against wife.
Family against family.

We acted as if
our own life
depended on this one game.

Take it easy on us.
We're just kids.
That excuse didn't work.
Nothing did.

Our ego was demolished.
Crushed to a pulp.
Our dreams of beating the fabled 'champions'
no longer there.

Just like the feeling of playing again
when asked if we wanted to play.

We're probably being sore losers.
But we can't get over it,
How could we lose again?

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