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  1. Rajdeep

About the author - Priscilla Cumminings lives in Annapolis Maryland. Priscilla Cumminings grew up in Granby Massachusetts. No person inspired me to become an author. It was a love that i had since a kid. But along the way many people helped me become a good author. Like my teachers inspired to be a better author and to consider writing as a profession.

INTERESTING FACTS>> she has two cats one named romeo and the other cat Mr. charles bingley. It takes her around a year to a year to write a book and half to write a novel. She likes to read,watch movies,take walks,travel and spend time with my family in her spare time. She writes best on the computer at heer office at home. She gets her best ideas from looking around and from family and friends. She has written 21 books and 14 of them were picture books and 7 were novels for kids.


2. Paul

Chesapeake bay is found in the Western part of the USA. It is located between Virginia and Delaware.

caracter info

3. Braden parks better known as Brady is the major character in the red kayak novel. He has close relationships with his friends Digger and J.T. He is the main protagonist in the whole story. He has also found out that his best friend, Digger was the one who killed Ben by drilling holes into the red kayak. Then telling the crime to authorities by giving both his friends J.T and Digger 2nd degree murder.

Digger also known as Michael Griswald is one of the main characters in the Red Kayak novel. His role in the book is to play as one of Brady closest friends. He is one of the antagonists in the book. Also the one who was involved of the death of Ben Diangelo. Charged with second degree murder.

J.t also known as Jeremy Tyler is also one of the main characters in the novel. J.T is one of Brady’s closest friends. J.T is part of the reason of Ben’s death. He was charged with second degree murder. J.T loves with his parents and has a love with technology.

Plot diagram

Exposition-Braden Brady parks is 12 years old , he lives in Chesapeake bay with his friends digger and J.T.People in his community have been angered by the construction that is happening in the community ...especially Digger .

rising action-Mrs D'Angelo and Ben are lost in the Corsica river . Mes Di Angelo gets saved and Brady saves Ben . The next day , Digger and J.T act weird around him ... He finds out Ben dies

Climax -Digger confessed that he and j.t caused the accident . Brady doesn't know what to do , to tell him parents , police, or keep it to himself ... He's scared this will change everything.After his trip to his cousins' house he decides to drop the drill in the river .days after he asked his dad to pull up the red kayak in the Corsica river . They find the holes , Brady confessed everything to his dad.

Falling action- the Mr parks tell the police and hired a lawyer. at court digger tells the judge that it was his idea and j.t did do it and he pressured him to do it .digger was very sorry ,he said he didn't mean to hurt anyone . if he had the chance to take it take , he said he would . But the judge said it doesn't matter , he was apart of it .

Resolution-the judge said they're going forestry camp for juvenile offender camp for 9 months .. The DiAngelo move to have a fresh start.Meanwhile Brady goes to grade 9 and doesn't know if he ,digger and j.could be friends again

Character Vs ____


Character vs character- after Brady saved Ben , he was the hero of the school . But digger and j.t didn't like that so they ignored Brady . Brady was confused why they were doing that . After Brady found out digger and j.t drilled the holes on the read kayak , Brady and digger had an argument weather to tell or not. Digger threatened Brady that he will also get in trouble.

Character vs self. -Brady blamed himself for Ben's death , if he would have been there earlier he would have saved him , if he got him warmer faster he wouldn't have died . Brady also didn't know what to do when he found out whether to tell to not , he didn't know that tell right thing was. He was scared he would hurt the people he loves . Is it worth losing his friends? Or she keep it a secret and forget it ever happened .Brady struggled this for months .

Character vs nature - after be died , Brady was very depressed and upset .when he went back to the river , he just yelled and let his anger out . He couldn't believe that Ben died . He blamed the river for his death , if it hadn't been freezing cold and rainy , Ben wouldn't have died .

description of the major and minor themes

  1. rukesh
  1. grief is an emotion a person feels after losing something close to them.It’s a feeling very close to deep sorrow.Grief is dealt with in many different ways.Some examples from the novel include Brady yell at the corsica river after Ben’s death,Digger saying that he will deny it till the day he dies,and J.t avoiding Brady in school.
  2. Friendship is a close relationship 2 or more people share.In the novel Brady’s friendship is in danger because his friends have killed ben,another person close to his heart .some examples of friendship being dealt with in the novel is when J.t asks if brady and him can still be friends
  3. doing the right thing isn't the easiest thing in the world , sometimes you hurt people in the way , you can betray friends your family at the end, doing the right thing is worth it .Theres always something good the end by doing the right .Sometimes you have to hurt some people or get hurt yourself for the right thing .

Final Rating


my final rating for the red kayak is ⅘ because its layout is fantastic but the ending of the book was kinda bad. We also kinda too predictable on the mystery of who what's going to happen on next chapter.


I rate it 3.5/5 because it didn't interest me or make me want to read more . I thought it was unrealistic that 8th graders would do that .but I liked how it showed how to deal with grief and to telling the truth is the right thing to do .


i rate it ⅘ because the book had an death when they wanted to harm them instead. We knew that he was gonna tell the truth about what happened


i would rate it ⅘ because The book was very suspenseful near the end but at the beginning it was very boring it was mainly telling a very uninteresting backstory,but I think that I was almost worth it when the plot twist occurred .


I would rate it ⅗ because I don't like when he drilled the hole in the kayak for to protect his friend and they gone to the court for death of the Ben died in the kayak.

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