Bullying Week

Scenario 1 about online bullying

If I was in that situation of being in that group of friends, I would tell them that is not a bright idea and they should stop teasing that unpopular kid, Chris. I would also stop being their friends and stand up for Chris. If they don't stop teasing Chris, I would report what is going on to a adult nearby. I would feel like I did something right like standing up for Chris and leaving that group that made fun of him as well. I would respond to bullying by making posts and posters to try to prevent this to happen to anyone else.

Scenario 2

If me and my friends witness this bullying going on and we don't do anything about this, the person who is the bully might think that me and my friends are into this and going to be part of this. What we can do about this is we can tell a adult about what is going on. If we stand up for our classmate, we changed the school climate regarding bullying because that will teach everyone a lesson about bullying and that we can stop this from happening to anyone else. In this case of supporting our classmate, the message that was sent to the bully was that it is not cool to post embarrassing things on Facebook or any other website. To make my school a bully free place or to be a safer school is that we should not be posting ugly and inappropriate things on any website on the Internet. Also we can help people out if they are getting bullied by reporting what is going on and tell them who is causing the problem and how to stop it. And we can send a message to every bully to make sure they stop bullying people and become a better person instead of a bad person who gets in trouble because of bullying people.