East Asia India Country Profile

Country Name: India

Capital: New Delhi

Population: 1.252 billion (2013)

Type of Government: Federal Republic

Leader’s Name: Pranab Mukherjee

Type of Economy: Mixed economy

Type of Currency: Indian rupee

Currency compared to the dollar: 61.47 Indian Rupee equals One U.S dollar

Country’s GDP per capita: $2,600

Country’s GDP Rank in the World: 142

Literacy Rate: 74.04%

Life Expectancy M/F: The average life expectancy in India has increased from 53 years in 1981, to 63 years in 2001.

Official Language: Hindi or English

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The Lotus Temple
The Lotus Temple, Qutab Minar and Dillli Haat is a private tour that people can go on to experience some of India's past culture, people of all religions are welcome at this temple to worship their beliefs. People who join this tour are also able to Qutab Minar, which just happens to be a world heritage site.

Taj Mahal
The Day Trip to Agra from Delhi India includes visits to the Taj Mahal & Agra Fort. People on this tour can expect to have a private day trip from Dehli to Agra, they can also expect visits to the Taj Mahal and the Agra Fort. The Taj Mahal is recognized to be a symbol of India. Finally, visit the Tomb of Itmad-ud-Daulah, commonly known as the Baby Taj. The baby Taj was built between 1622 and 1628 by Empress Nur Jahan for her father, the mausoleum is often described as a jewel box. Once people finish this tour, people can expect to have a traditional Indian lunch at a special restaurant.

Historical Events
1858 - India comes under direct rule of the British crown after failed Indian mutiny.1885 - Indian National Congress founded as forum for emerging nationalist feeling.

1920-22 - Nationalist figurehead Mahatma Gandhi launches

Current Event (What is an issue taking place in the country today):The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded Friday to India's Kailash Satyarthi and Pakistan's Malala Yousafzai for their struggles against the suppression of children and for young people's rights, including the right to education. "I'm proud that I'm the first Pakistani and the first young woman or the first young person getting this award," she said in Birmingham, England. Her award will not mark the end of her campaign to advocate for girls' education, she said. "I think this is really the beginning," she said, adding that children around the world "should stand up for their rights" and "not wait for someone else."Yousafzai spoke with Satyarthi by phone Friday, and they agreed to work together to advocate that every child is able to go to school. She said they also decided to try to build a stronger relationship between their countries, which are longtime rivals.
She said she wants the Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan to attend the December ceremony where she and Satyarthi will receive their awards. Peace between the two nations, Yousafzai said, is important for their progress.
Do you feel your country’s economy is successful? I feel that India's economy is actually good, because it is ran by a democratic government, which supports India's economy. In recent years, around the 1990s the government had made changes to speed up economic process. The government made it easier for foreign companies to do business in India, the middle class helps a lot too. The middle class provides a huge market for goods and services produced and sold in India. Expanding industries are also helping India's economy, one of the major industries is computer software. India has a lot of people who are educated in this field as well. India also has imports and exports like textile or cloth that are sold internationally.

What is one company located in your country?One company in my country, is after a computer company because that is one of their major industries. The companies name is Tech Mahindra Development Center. This company specializes in information technology, this company was founded in 1986 and its headquarters are in Mumbai, India.

Describe what this company does.Tech Mahindras activities are made of a broad spectrum, which includes Business Support Systems and Operation Support Systems, Network Design & Enginerring along with many other fields of business. Tech Mahindra has implemented more than 15 Greenfield Operations globally and has over 128 active customer engagements mostly in the Telecom sector. The company has been involved in about 8 transformation programs of incumbent telecom operators and an array of service offerings for TSPs, TEMs and ISVs.

What could your country do to improve their economy?To make India's economy better, India could do something about their population, because their per capital GDP is fairly low. I think it could be improved if they maybe had a one child policy or something like that.

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