by Mia Polichronis

Becoming a Hero

Guion Stewart Bluford is an extraordinary astronaut. He was born on the 22nd of November 1942 in Philadelphia. He married the former Linda Tull and had two children who are now fully grown adults.  

Guion had always dreamed of being an astronaut, so to make his dreams come true he enrolled at the airforce institute of technology, to learn everything he needs to know about space. When he left he got an opportunity of a lifetime to serve a spacelab mission with the west German Astronauts.

A few years later Guion had a chance to go to space, it was the best moment of his life. He then became the first African American to travel to space. In space Guion launched a weather satellite. It was a big significant contribution to meteorologists because if Guion hadn't launched that weather satellite , nobody would    Know   What the weather is !

Guion loved being an astronaut, but that didn't keep him away from doing normal things. His hobbies were to read , go swimming , jogging , play handball, golf and go for walks on the beach. He did all these things in his spare time instead of doing space related work. Guion is still alive and currently 71 years old.


Without Guion nobody would know what the weather is.

He has made a big significant contribution to this world and will be remembered till he dies and on.