The EggBot

What Is It?

An eggbot is a machine (Like a drawbot) that is able to draw on spherical objects.

Building The Masterpiece

I started building the eggbot October 23rd, 2014. It was a new experience for me to build something from nothing. I really enjoyed being hands on during the build and watch as the build progressed. I remember not being able to get the servo motor working and ended up having it the wrong way. I looked to my director Jonathan for help and he fixed the problem. I then had to download the software onto Inkscape and couldn't get it to work on my computer. My director figured out the problem and I re-downloaded it onto my computer which led to a success for the software. The first use took a lot of pen adjustments and finally the line stopped being shaky. Although the eggbot isn't in prime condition right now, It's pretty great. The lines may not be perfect but they're better than any human I know could do. I wouldn't say I finished the project because it's still being upgraded but It was in working condition by November of 2014.

One of my Fails

If you happened to notice, there are not many pictures on this Tackk. Why? Well I took plenty of pictures throughout the process but all of my pictures are not synced onto iCloud. I broke the phone that the pictures were stored on and found there to be none on Flickr either. I realize this makes for  a Tackk not as good of the rest, as you can't actually see the work and the steps of it. Unfortunately I currently can not get access to those photos but will keep trying. Sorry :(