One Chance

Payton Handy

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As the day of our competition comes,
Remember the smiles, forget the tears.
Remember the times spent practicing together,
Cherish them now and forever.
Next year wont be the same,
Some girls lost, some gained.
Doing the routine one more time,
To fix motions and straighten lines.
We've had many falls and lots of tough breaks,
Nose bleeds to broken arms.
We took our chances and knew what was at

We are all exhausted and ready to rest,
But first we must show the world who is best,
Regardless of what the judges criticize,
Remember they weren't there to realize,
We sweated, we ached, and how hard we
We hid the pain with a convincing
So show them now what we have worked for,
Give a little where there needs to be
Smile and know that we have finished the
Regardless what we win or place.

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