Solar Power

Environmental Friendly Power

Solar power is the way to the new environmental friendly earth. There is all sorts of different ways of making power without using fossil fuels like Hydroelectric, Wind Power and many more but I chose solar power because I think it is the most eco friendly and it is ever lasting.  

How does solar power works?

Solar panels create power by the sunlight the sun is its source. The panels are made out of photovoltaic (PV) cells which converts the sunlight into DC electricity. The inverter then converts the DC electricity into AC electricity to make it suitable for your home.

This is a diagram on how solar power works:

What are the advantages of using solar power?
Solar power does not produce any pollution at all so that means it is eco friendly.

People are saying oil is only going to last for the next 30 to 40 years but solar energy is never going to run out.

Many small low power devices such as a calculators can be powered by solar power.

Solar power also does not cost as much.

What are the disadvantages of using solar power?

Solar power can only work in the daytime and when it is sunny.

In some places they have very cloudy skies which mean the solar power does not work as well.

Solar collectors, panels, cells are relatively expensive to manufacture although price are falling rapidly.

Solar power can be improved in the future by making the amount of space the panels use smaller so they don't use as much areas of land, this also means the panels could be compacted down. There should be more solar power plants in countries so we can reduce the use of fossil fuels.   

Solar energy will help build a better future for earth. There would be not as much pollution as there is today which means that helps plants grow, animals habit, global warming and it will reduce the amount of factories. Solar power is the key to a cleaner earth.  

By Natasha Horsfall