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The Altocbearalroomious

About Altocbearalroomious

Altocbearalroomious lives in the tropical rainforest. Lactobacillus Acidophilus, aloe, green algae, a bear, and mushrooms. The aloe can heal the bear, if it ever gets sick or hurt. The bear can keep you warm, when its cold outside. Mushrooms protect you,from predators by releasing poison gas. The bacteria gets you immune to it, so you can't get sick. The green algae help you catch fish, and keep the water clean. Now you can drink fresh water all you want.

A tropical rain forest is an ecosystem and experience amount of rainfall.

The bear protects,helps,and keep warm.The bear can help carry things also.

How Altocbearalroomious looks?

It has a body of a bear, and a tail of a plant (which is aloe).Altobearalroomious has sharp,and pointy teeth to bite stuff.It has fluffy fur to keep warm.The bear as green eyes,because of the aloe that's mixed in with it. The mushrooms are the ears to the bear. The green algae grows on the bear, and the bacteria lives inside of the bear. Altocbearalroomious only eats plants and fruits. It survives off the things that are mixed in with it.

Where Altocbearalroomious lives?

Altocbearalroomious lives in the tropical rainforest where there are full of dangerous animals.There is lot of food and water there,but we have thing mixed in with our animal to keep the water clean.In the tropical rainforest there is lot of water,and is always cool there.So,you don't have to worry about it being hot there.

Facts On The Altocbearalroomious

The bear is included for its long claws to climb.The claws help the bear climb to high places to see over the forest. The color on the bear helps it camouflage into the trees.The mushrooms,and the bear can also protect.Altocbearalroomious has brown,thick,and fluffy fair.It needs to be thick to survive if it every gets cold. This is the best remix animal that can ever be made.

Why Would  Altocbearalroomious Survive?

The new animal can do anything. It can adapt to many things, except the desert. It can't survive in the desert, because the desert has no water, and the animal has a plant in it, so it need water. Most of the remix animal is plants. since the body of it is bear, you can survive better on the tropical island.The bacteria helps the bear grow strong.The aloe help catch fish,and keeps the water clean.Every part on the Altocbearalroomious can help it survive in the tropical rainforest.It can use many thing for defense against its predators.The claws on the bear and the mushrooms are used to protect from the dangerous things in the rainforest.The bacteria and aloe is used for healing,and to get immune to the dangerous bacterias that might be out there.

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