Zachary's Kiva tales

Welcome to my blog, my name is Zachary. This year in math my group and I have to start up our own company and then get lenders. After we receive the money are plan is to sell our product all around our school until we can pay the loan back. I hope you enjoy the adventure.

Comfort with the new and unfamiliar. Coming into this project I had no idea really what was going to happen and I had no clue on how to start a business or work a spreadsheet or to even open a bank account. I feel that so far I have learned a lot and I am looking forward to what is to come. As well as seeing our company do well if it can.

I am proud of how my team has kept everything organized using our spreadsheet this year. In addition, I think we have done very well in terms of how we have reached out to people about our product so when the sales come we have a large turnout. I am also proud that we got fully funded and we are able to start paying back our loans. I think we have also done well at making the price reasonable so we make a large profit but it doesn't  cost too much. Overall I think my team has done really well in this project. One last thing is I think everything we are proud of relates to coping and resiliency.

I would say it is not hard nor easy to be a borrower because you have the responsibility every month to pay back the lenders so it limits how much you can spend. But it is also easy because besides from the responsibility there is not much else to worry about it. I would say it has made it so our group can't buy as much product but otherwise it has been fine.

For a quote I choose "the trouble is if you don't risk anything you risk more" by good morning quotes. I choose this because we risked buying into the custom products but if we did not risk buying into the company than it would be an even bigger risk to buy more of our original product.

For the global competence that is relating to me is problem solving because with the annual report coming ufp we have to solve a bunch of things like our profit and how to sell the last of our product. Also we have to figure out how to manage time to create and finish the annual report.