Used to:

  • Sally still ins't used to using cell phones and e-mail.
  • My family used to do grilling on Sunday.
  • I used to start work at 9 o'clock.

Getting used to:

Would, could, should, might and must:

  • She found the heels too high, but she got used to them.
  • She is getting used to waking up early for her new job.
  • I got used to living in Canada in spite of the cold weather.

Simple fact:

  • My mother would talked to me very angry.
  • If I were president, I would cut the cost of education.
  • Cheep up! Things could be worse.
  • Mary couldn't be the one who stole the money.
  • I think that´s Jane, but I might be wrong.
  • She might be on the bus. I think her car is having problems.
  • People with high cholesterol should eat low-fat foods.
  • Sarah shouldn't smoke so much. It's not good for her health.
  • Students must pass an entrance examination to study at this school.
  • You must have a permit to enter the national park.

Attitude about someone else's habit:

  • My sister lives in San Fernando.
  • My best friend studys in the ULSA.

Someone's typical behovior:

  • He's always borrowing my clothes without asking me.

Modals with certain or possible:

  • He'll go out on a Firday night and won't be back till morning.

Past with used to + infinitive:

Have + past participle:

  • Tom used to drink coffee. Now he prefers tea.
  • Julie used to fly from London to Paris. Now she takes the Eurostar.
  • I used to drive to work. Now I take the underground.

Firstly, finally, basically, another thing, asfaras, suppose, anyway:

  • It's nearly eleven o'clock. They should have arrived by now.
  • They could have arrived hours ago.
  • He has been taking a vacation.
  • I have been taking that medicine for three days.


  • Firstly, for those of you wondering, this is a little sad.
  • Finally, a pumpkin pie for those who can't eat dairy products.
  • There are basically two types: clumping and trailing.
  • Maybe some of us are more educated than you suppose.
  • Proponents say that illegal means illegal, and they shouldn't be here anyway.
  • Concerned - worry
  • Describe - characterize
  • Loathed - despise
  • Buddies - chum
  • Unfortune - lamentable

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