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About Egumball

A business operating out of Irvine, California, eGumball, Inc., provides up-to-date search engine optimization (SEO) solutions for business clients. Among its many services, the firm furnishes Google Places optimization, which allows eGumball clients to boost visibility when customers use Internet searches to seek out local businesses. Further, companies that raise their profile on Google Places end up saving money, because the optimization method proves more cost-effective than other advertising or SEO strategies. For more information about eGumball's Google Places services, please visit its website at

Complementing the above, eGumball provides more traditional SEO solutions that permit Internet users to easily find client businesses online. While many companies promise their SEO customers results, a substantial number of those same providers use methods that violate Google quality guidelines, risking a ranking penalty for their customers. eGumball, on the other hand, protects its customers by striving to exceed Google's guidelines while achieving strong results. To secure optimal outcomes on behalf of its SEO clients, eGumball employs international SEO specialists.

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